Our Management Team

Dipak Pandurang Pawar is a B.Com   graduate from Mumbai University, with extensive   experience as an Income Tax consultant and Insurance   advisor. He specializes in tax planning, compliance, and   filing of income tax returns, and is known for his expert   guidance on complex tax-related matters. 

In addition to his professional work, he is also an active   member of various cultural
activities and community 
initiatives aimed at improving rural areas. He is dedicated to social

causes and has been involved in various activities related to education,
healthcare, and rural development.

 He is highly respected in his community for his commitment to excellence and his willingness to go above and beyond for his clients and fellow citizens.

Santosh Sudam Unavane was a ommerce   student. He well known for his soft spoken   personality He worked with National Stock   Exchange and Bombay stock exchange. He have   the knowledge about share Markets Bear and Bulls. He is an activist who’s trying to save Mother earth  in form of fight against illegal tree cutting and other.